04 November 2014

You Are Going To Find Out Who You Are and What You Are ~ The Council via Ron Head ~ 2 November 2014

Jedi Council
Source: Oracles and Healers

We will speak today of an increasingly frequent experience that you, or a great many of you, are having in dreams, lucid dreams, meditations, out-of-body experiences, and waking visions. We know it is also spoken of increasingly in channeled messages from many of us. We refer to what you are calling board meetings, council meetings, meetings on star ships, etc.

What is going here and why are so many reporting it? Why is it described in so many different ways?

You are finding yourselves experiencing yourselves in a new and expanded way. You are meeting masters, teachers, guides, light beings, angels. You remember in detail or quite vaguely. But you know something very important happened. We would inform you of several things for you to ponder upon.

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