07 December 2014

A House Divided ~ John Ross ~ 4 December 2014

Source: Freedom4Humanity

One of the great strengths of the dark has been its solidarity over the years. Sure, they have their power struggles and their differences of opinion; but the front they have presented to the masses has been united.

All of that changed a few days ago. Senior members of the US branch of the cabal negotiated a surrender agreement on the etheric level and were about to implement that agreement in cooperation with the Light. Junior members of the cabal marshalled a rebel faction that ousted the senior members and took over the US cabal. This faction is young and aggressive and targets to reinstall the cabal with all the power and political clout it had in the heady days following 9/11. The leader of this rebel faction has been identified as David S. Cohen appointed to a post in the US Treasury as the Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence…cabal speak for setting policies that make the rich richer and blame it on someone else.
That is the situation as it presently exists. These junior members have youth and brashness on their side. They are also extremely naive as it relates to the power of the Light. The young rebels believe they can hammer through a dark revival and fund it by cooping the prosperity funds controlled by the Light. Why would the Light agree to such a plan? No reason comes to mind but desperate times call for desperate measures.

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