16 December 2014

A QHHT Christmas Story ~ Part 3 ~ Candace Craw-Goldman ~ 15 December 2014 (Updated with Part 4 Link)

**Update 17 Dec: You can find Part 4 here.


I've been following the intriguing account of whom I assume to be one of the Three Wise Men ~ they followed the Lightship Star of Bethlehem which guided them to the location of baby Yeshua ben Yosef ~ from Oracles and Healers, and today was Part 3, which I will now post. As usual, I will link to the source itself.

I've always found it ironic it is that the Christian world has been taught to reject the notion of extraterrestrial life (but note that the Vatican has been hinting about the cover-up recently!) while the whole time Yeshua himself is a Galactic Being. And has no priest ever had to answer the question of how a "star" can move across the sky to guide The Wise Men, provide them with food and water, and protect them?

Source: New Earth Journey (includes links to Parts 1 & 2)

In Part 3 of this Quantum Healing Hynopsis Christmas Story, the client Jay was describing himself as a well-dressed, bearded, dark-haired man with dreadlocks observing the Christ Child in the manger with his Mother Mary sitting nearby. (Here are Part One and Part Two for those just joining this story.)
Me: So you are standing there in front of the manger, and Mary is there.  Are you holding anything in your arms?
Jay: Water.
Me: How are you holding water?
Jay: Looks like a big old donkey bladder or a canteen made out of natural bladder that’s been stitched. I feel like I’m presenting the water.
Me: You are presenting the water? In what way?
Jay: I’m presenting it to Mary, but I’m sort standing back from the scene a little bit. Like I am in the doorway.
Me: I see. Can you tell me who else is there? What else is going on around you? Are there other people there?
Jay: I see the baby, the mother to the right, the father to the left of the baby and I see a donkey lying in the background. There are two more people to my right. I am not looking at them at the moment but I feel their presence. I know they are there. There is a dark skinned man, wearing like black and gold, he doesn’t have the darkest of skin, but his is darker than mine. Black and gold…
Me: I see. Is this dark-skinned man someone who is known to you?
Jay: I don’t know. I think I know him. He sure he seems bent on telling me something though.
Me: I see.
Jay: It’s almost like he’s grabbing my right elbow and trying to whisper something into my ear.
Me: Sounds like he has an important message to give you. Let’s hear what he has to say.
Jay: He says something that gives me the chills. “We’re here;” He says, “ This is it.”
Me: How does it make you feel when he says that?
Jay: I get goose bumps that start on my right side and lead to my left side. I am absolutely covered in goosebumps.

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