08 December 2014

Arcturian Group Message via Marilyn Raffaele ~ 7 December 2014

Christmas Tree created with used/discarded toys @Publika Mall
Source: Oneness Of All

Dear ones, we welcome you.
In this time of love and celebration, you are being pressured from all sides to believe that more is better--that more gifts, more parties, and more activity will equal happiness. Resist becoming too involved in the commercialism, for you are well aware at this point that more does not equal happiness. Outside pressures are tugging at your emotions to buy, buy, buy, suggesting that the bigger and better the gift, the more love you will show and receive. You are being bombarded with suggestions telling you that in order to be a good parent, friend, partner, son or daughter, you must give expensive gifts.
Remain awake, selecting your gifts with care and thought while using intuition to seek the gift that would speak most to the person. That is, be guided from within rather than from without. Keep things simple, and allow the gifts you give to reflect love with an understanding of the receiver. Never allow giving a gift to be just a "duty", for these gifts will carry the negative energy you feel.
Christmas, in its truer sense, is not about the birth of a male child named Jesus., but is a material sense of the birth of the Christ that takes place within. Christmas takes place within each and every person at some point in the spiritual journey. Many of you are experiencing that now.
Only a humble state of consciousness (the stable), one rid of false ego trappings and beliefs is able to birth the Christ Light. Jesus tried to give this message to the world 2000 years ago, but the unawake majority of that time were unable to understand and instead (then and even now) believed that only Jesus personally represented the message. ALL have within them a Christ child waiting to be born.
The world in general, believes Christmas to be either a seasonal holiday time for parties and gifts or it believes it to be the birth of the only son of God, Jesus, and must be celebrated accordingly. Neither these beliefs correct. The outer trappings of Christmas are only symbols for the true Christmas that only takes place within.

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