20 December 2014

Brilliant Multidimensional Intensity ~ Sandra Walter ~ 19 December 2014

Source: Creative Evolution

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,
I continue to be amazed by what is happening right now to our consciousness. Personally, it has been absolutely fascinating to experience the multidimensional merge so strongly. My days are a balance of delving into these experiences, along with a great amount of technical and creative work. I AM sure many Wayshowers are performing the balancing act, and getting accustomed to the New Light flow.

As the intensity of our experiences, both physical and non-physical, compliments the approaching wave of New Light, we pull back and gain perspective on how this is occurring. First, a brief summary of the sequence of major events which unfolded in 2014. After, a look at the DNA drop, a message from the Divine Team, and sharing of some interesting personal experiences.

The Brilliance of 2014
We had many interesting events unfold in 2014, which support this Now moment and the possibilities therein.

The Equinox to Blood Moon Gateways March – April 2014: The first Gateway brought in the most powerful Return of the Christ energetics and activations the planet had seen to date. It also brought certain timelines, events, and galactic history to a close. Completion. You may remember the article on the dissolvement of the Maya structures; the framework for the illusion imposed from the Pleiades, designed to resolve millions of years of Galactic karma. As the Maya (named after Maia, a star in the Pleiades) ran its course, it closed the book on many an akashic tale. This left us open to engage with higher Christed timelines of Ascension.

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