22 December 2014

Christmas Trees...With A Difference, and With A Message

White Doves For Christmas ~ Nizam Abdullah
Since I live in a tropical country, I spent my childhood growing up with the tradition of having a fake Christmas tree. This is what we do each Christmas ~ decorate a fake Christmas tree :)

In the past few years, however, I've noticed with great dismay that shops were starting to import LIVE trees for the Christmas season!! Some of you may know that Trees are one of my favourite things, and I have a huge respect and love for them. So to me, this new trend is very upsetting indeed. I won't go on about it, or else this would turn into a rambling rant...

Anyway, a couple of weeks back I took some pictures of some "unusual" Christmas trees in a mall near my place. They caught my attention straightaway as they were created by artists who wanted to send a message. And I hope they don't mind me sharing them here with you :)

My favourite is the one featured at the top ~ White Doves for Christmas by Nizam Abdullah. He is a metal sculptor and he created this gorgeous tree of White Doves that actually morph into Angels from a different angle! (see right) Truly brilliant concept and so very pretty :)

I also like this one (below), created by David Wong called "Toys, Once Again". He used discarded/old toys to decorate this tree-cum-playground where kids can go inside and play with the toys.

Toys, Once Again by David Wong

Please also enjoy this 6-minute video that explains the concept behind the commissioning of these trees from 6 talented artists. I would like to highlight that at least two of these artists are Muslims, going from their names :) 

You can also read more about it here.

Have a look at the rest of the trees, photos from the above article.

Pokok Kehidupan by Adeputra

I Believe In Christmas by Jasmine Kok

Oriza Satyva Xmas (Padi Xmas) by MAIX

Poko(k)tak by Ajim Juxta

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