29 December 2014

Cobra and Rob Potter Interview ~ 23 December 2014

This is about an hour long; I haven't heard it yet, and don't think I'll get to it anytime soon so here it is first.

The Promise Revealed ~ Cobra and Rob Potter Interview (December 2014)  **Transcript now available!

**Updated with some highlights:
  • Oil prices manipulated by negatives to destabilise Russia
  • Takedown of Bush-Clinton faction possible even before The Event since opening of IS:IS portal has enabled so much more Light to come in
  • Situation in Egypt in many ways better than some countries because they are trying to separate from Cabal
  • Special activation from 144,000 are from RM and Agarthans
  • We have entered Breakthrough Phase, no longer just resisting; this is important development
  • Archons triggering dissent, do not get involved in the drama, do not judge, "Forgive, forgive, forgive", stay united not divided
  • Chemtrails create medium to maintain Veil, but breakthrough in plasma network has now impacted this and many of the plasma generators have been removed
  • As a result of this, entities which have infected people have become agitated
  • Nanotechnology no longer a serious threat, much of it now removed
  • Advice to someone who only gets one hour's sleep ~ reduce stress, go out in nature, stay away from electronic pollution
  • When we sleep, non-physical body goes to different place depending on awareness
  • Upon death, we can proceed to etheric plane if we don't get stuck on plasma plane; may proceed to astral or mental plane
  • Reincarnation can occur due to Soul's plan and/or manipulated by Archons; similarly they can also dictate the circumstances of individual's life
  • Soul contract revocation may seem to not work because we may have many contracts from many incarnations, so we must continue to clear all of them
  • Scalar network should preferably be completely removed before The Event, so too Chimera's technology
  • Diana Lucifera is codename for Venus (Rising Star); Ashteroth/Astara/Isis all refer to same; nothing to do with Lucifer or demon worship; 666, pentagram are all symbols of the Goddess, all peverted by Cabal to prevent people from contacting Goddess energy
  • Inner connection with Goddess energy that is healthy and clear, not in the religious-worship manner
  • Situation will be completely different after The Event
  • Homosexuality in most cases is manipulated sexual energy by Archons, but also possible due to natural Soul connection
  • Emerald Tablets by Thoth/Hermes (translated by Dr Doreal) is quite accurately translated
  • Halls of Amenti is physical location for initiation under Egypt
  • Spacecrafts under Giza Plateau located between 30-100m ft below
  • Souls wanting to incarnate here at this time due to special phase we are going through now
  • Templars have both positive and negative factions; Cabal have flashes of wisdom mixed with lots of insanity which is why the situation on the Planet is the way it is
  • Nag Hammadi codex is source of wisdom before Archon invasion destroyed mystery schools
  • Most events recorded in Bible are inaccurate
  • Lucifer ~ crossed into the Light and is now assisting the Light
  • Dreamtime is being manipulated by Archons, but also affected by our own clearing process
  • Lightships assisting in helping Humanity through this transition, without their help we wouldn't be here now, Planet would have been "destroyed many times over"
  • Stonehenge is Pleiadean insertion portal, built upon a vortex
  • If your body still requires it, continue eating meat until such a point when no longer required
  • "The One" ~ everywhere and nowhere, was, is and always will be
  • Chimera issue is anomalous, therefore not completely understood; once this understanding is attained, The One will absorb this into Itself
  • Education system post-The Event will be upgraded beyond belief systems, completely different from what has been taught
  • Poland ~ unfortunate geopolitical situation between Russia and Europe, like a buffer zone
  • Ark of Covenant originally a manifestation chamber, now in the hands of Light Forces
  • The Event needs to happen to completely break free from the quarantine
  • Increasing connection with our Soul will enable us to move beyond physical torment
  • How to connect with Soul? Being sincere in intention, integrate emotions, appreciate beauty, meditate
  • Compression Breakthrough ~ already initialised, will culminate in The Event
  • Bovis scale not very accurate but acceptable guesstimate (you can see some measurements here, they are truly amazing!)
  • Do whatever you can to raise your consciousness!
  • Start visualising on what you want your world to be post-The Event instead of negative things, focus on positive to accelerate its manifestation.

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