04 December 2014

December 2014 Newsletter ~ Jamye Price

Source: Crystalline Soul Healing

After the intensity of the last few months, I am glad to be reading a lighter energy in December!  As a year of building personal empowerment, 2014 has had some muscle to it.  Building empowerment does take muscle.  This analogy comes up a lot as I work with clients on boundaries, which has also been a focus of energy for October and November (though it is ongoing in life!).

When you first establish a healthy boundary, it is like building a muscle and it takes some effort (effort, not necessarily drudgery or pain!).  After a while, it is much easier.  It’s all a matter of perspective as to how you deal with building boundaries.  It is often not fun at first, as it only comes up when a boundary is being pushed.  But with a shift of perception, the exercise of boundaries can become just as rewarding as exercising your body.  Dance those boundaries stronger! Don’t just get on the treadmill of building boundaries with no music! ;o)

I must say that with the potency of the last few months, it has been greatly rewarded watching Lightworkers step into their power more and more.   I witnessed deep transformation in November.  There were some intense patterns releasing, especially around sexual abuse.  That courageous Scorpio energy of November clears out deep pain!  Not everyone is having the same experience or the same timing.  Did you notice any deep clearing (or surfacing) in November?

We each come here with such unique gifts, energies and paths.  The lasting, most impactful Light-work is in your day to day life.  Ascension is about empowered individuals.  That requires the self-love and self-confidence to let your Light shine, even in the quietest of moments.  Blaring it everywhere versus being it everywhere is a big difference.  When you’re being it you’re feeling it, you’re living it.  That is powerful!

Life on Earth is calling for the Lightworkers to shine their Love, rather than the fear that has been blaring at and through humanity for so many years.  Your emanation of Love, empowerment and peace looks different based on the moment.  Do you sing it, paint it, cook it, teach it, forgive it, plant it, meditate it, smile it, play it?  All of the above and more!  Which leads us to December energies…

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