08 December 2014

Evolutionary Change Update: Manipulating the Time Concept ~ David Topi ~ 8 December 2014

Source: Transients ~ Laron

Here is some new information from Davdi Topi which José translated very recently. José mentioned that this is only half of the session and that he will get to the second half and translate it as soon as he can. José said for those of you who have felt and experienced certain things recently, that this information from David Topi may help to explain what has been happening over the past few weeks in relation to the separation of the evolutionary changes.

By transients.info guest contributor David Topi
Days ago, we had the opportunity about meeting with my colleagues in order to make a connect session with those who assists us from other planes, and make some questions about the evolutionary change process in which are immersed. We were, because thousands of different personal issues, without these sessions since a long time, so we waited for them with a lot of interest in order to get the answers which we were going to have.

The last weeks have been somehow strange, because it seems that the global temporal line of the planet was diverted to different “scenes” farther than the “ideal line”, where, even, just among ourselves, mentioned that this evolutionary change had already disappeared in our lives, and because we didn’t feel connected to it. Personally I blame it on my personal and internal issues but it seems that it was a global movement where all the humanity, or almost all of it, was move to a temporal lateral line that could be recovered a week and a half ago. So it seems that the way to the new “New Earth/Reality/Matrix” has recovered its initial course in spite of the attacks.

Algorithms that control time

The way how this line got diverted was very interesting, as you will see in the following transcription , it seems that they has altered the concept of time that we have in our psyche, making disappear or hiding the temporal line we were connected to. Maybe this was a very easy explanation, but you have to take into account, that the ones who assists us, accurate their answers to the comprehension level of the one who is writing this, because by the contrary I wouldn’t be able to understand it in order to explain it later, so please take it like a simple explanation of something that is at least out of my scope.

In addition, you know that when we put “guide” in the answer is just to use a generic name that simply identifies the function performed by the one/ones that assist us. With or without a name, being something or another thing, it never has importance, so we prefer to use the word “guide”.

David: …Well, I suppose that the best way is just to ask you like always about the actual state of the evolutionary change process , What has happened since we were able to connect the last time ?
Guide: this time I’m going to answer you with another question…what have happened in your realities during that period of time?

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