14 December 2014

Global Meditations ~ IS:IS Portal and Weekly Planetary Liberation

** This is "sticky" until after the IS:IS Portal event **

Just a reminder if you feel guided to join in these meditations. Oh what the heck, just join in anyway!  :)  I believe that it's better to do it in your own way (if you don't like the guided meditation) than not to do it at all. The energies are so incredible now, and things are at such an unbelievable state of flux, let's do all we can to help flip this matrix over, once and for all, now and forever!! As I keep saying, every Soul counts, every iota of Light matters.

If you haven't yet read Cobra's post on the IS:IS Portal, please do. The information in there is so astounding, so Divine...words fail me. You can read it here.

See you at both these meditations!

For the exact time wherever you are:

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