01 December 2014

Guided Meditation for Stepping Onto The Timeline of Oneness, Celebrating the Victory of the Light!! ~ Katelon Jeffereys ~ 24 November 2014

Taken by Katelon

Source: Empower and Balance

Now that the light has won and the dark has surrendered, it is up to us to realize this, claim it, empower it and step forward to design our new lives and  our new world.  Yes, there are still some in the lower levels of the dark who haven’t received the memo yet or if they have, they aren’t paying attention, but John and I are informing them of the consequences of that now, I’m doing clearing work for it all, and we are offering them new choices.

This guided meditation is almost 18 minutes long. All I had to record it with was my phone and my free conference call line, so you don’t need fancy headsets, and don’t expect professional sound mixing. ..someday…but not yet :)

Before you start the meditation you might think of what you’d like for your body, your relationships, your life, and the planet. Also, as you will be guided to a special place, a place that supports you in feeling relaxed, supported, safe and nurtured, you might want to get that place in mind ahead of time.   I will give you time to do that within the meditation, too, as well as giving you some suggestions for attributes, situations, conditions you might want to imagine for your life and world design.

This meditation can be used over and over for relaxation, as well as for manifesting what you desire.

My deepest intention for this meditation though is to assist you and the rest of humanity in truly embracing the truth of the surrender of the dark and the victory to the light.  The power of that realization is beyond comprehension and assists in shutting down any remnants of the dark and bringing forth the shift on the planet.  I always send healing energy and inaudible notes throughout my meditations, too, for healing and balancing.  If you don’t choose to receive them, just state so as you begin.

Please continue reading here; the link for the mp3 is included.

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