29 December 2014

Missing AirAsia Flight QZ8501 ~ Focus Sessions ~ 29 December 2014

I'm still trying to come to terms with this latest "missing" flight. For information, the carrier "AirAsia" is Malaysian-owned...this fact makes this the third Malaysian plane that's been attacked in 2014. Blessings of Love and Light to all affected by this terrible incident.

Thank you to Laron of Transients for posting this, and to Lyn from Focus Sessions for the information. I'm posting this in full. If you prefer to watch the Youtube version, please head straight to the source link below.

Source: Transients

[I woke up this morning to several comments, questions and emails on this.  I wanted to do some work on this and get some initial impressions out there. Much love and light to these families!  They need our positive energy!]
Q. Hi Lynn!! Can you please do a reading on the disappearance of AirAsia Flight QZ8501? Is there any connection with the disappearance of other airlines? What really happened and will it show up?? Love and Light
A. When I first tune in I see a lot of confusion, noise and scuffle in the passenger area.  It has a dark feel (the the middle of the night when people are startled awake). It looks as though the flight was going smoothly at first, and after the plane reached a certain altitude and a certain location three Muslim men (still trying to scan where exactly these men are from) with fake Malaysian passports emerged and took control of the passengers and flight staff in the passenger area of the plane.  The pilots didn't know what was happening... Once the passengers were under control, one of the men broke into the cockpit area to take control of the pilots and the plane itself.  
Once they make their way into the cockpit they advise the pilots of the new coordinates of where they are to take the plane and that is when the plane left its normal flight path.  They use the excuse of the weather as to the scattered communications, and eventually communications are cut.  There was also threat that if they pilot didn't comply and do exactly what they were told the plane would be blown up.  While this discussion was going on I see erratic behavior of altitude and directional changes (this was blamed on weather, but that is not really what was happening).  
Then I see a black briefcase presented- this briefcase that was said to have a bomb in it.  In reality it held some kind of a jamming device for communications and also disabled any "auto pilot" features that were being used.  Once this was turned on there was no communication and the plane was flying solo. (I even get the impression it scattered the signals or way the black box worked- not completely clear on how it worked).

It looks to be a hijacking situation in which the goal was to steal the plane.  They wanted a (and I keep hearing it being called this) "a small junk plane." The hijackers view it like they are searching for a new car- it is small and efficient and good on gas.??? [It came through almost jokingly which "felt" strange.]

Q. Where was the plane taken? 
A. I get that it was taken to the Bangka Islands which is south east of Singapore.  This isn't a permanent, location and I get this was more of a temporary pit stop.  I get that when (if it hasn't already- I can't get a time, but rather a HUGE sense of urgency) this plane will fly fast and hard northwest out of there until it makes its' way "home." ["Home" feels like the middle of a desert.]
Q. Who took it? 
A. I get a lot of conflict with this because it looks to be layers upon layers of blame and cover-ups going on.  I see Muslims on board with fake passports dressed up and portraying that they are Malaysian. When my focus on the Muslims to see where they are rooted, I get the word ISIS.. Then in my mind I hear, "But you know that ISIS is made up just to support the spread of fear."  I keep going in reverse to get to the start of it, and my mind takes me to the US and Great Britain (England more specifically) however I feel there is a big piece of the puzzle between hearing the word ISIS and backtracking clear back to the US and Britain that is missing (I don't know why it isn't coming forward yet??).  
Q. Why was it taken? 
A. The rebel cause (that is tied to ISIS, US and Britain) needed a "small junk plane" for their cause.  I can't determine if it will be used for transportation only, or if there is a bigger use yet.
Q. Are the passengers OK?  What is their fate?
A. They look to physcially be ok, but emotionally they are very rattled.  They are told they will be ok, they just need to "wait."  I get that once the plane reaches this "desert home" the captors will release these people.  They have no need or desire to take care of the passengers for an extended period of time.  I get they may keep a few of them as hostages (men and / or young boys), but really have no need for the women or children.  I cant' really get a clear visual in the way these people are released, or if they are just sent into the desert to fend for themselves...??  My impression is that they (the captors) don't have it completely detailed out as of yet either.
Q.  What will happen with the search missions, etc?
A. I see this handled in what (energetically) feels odd or negligent... They don't look in the right areas, or they jump to illogical assumptions rather than take in all possibilities.  I also get they will eventally call it a crash without finding or providing what feels like compelling evidence.  I don't see the search lasting long before they declare a crash because they don't want this drug on like the MH370 or MH17.
And that is all I have for now.  (Narrated reading available on YouTube).  As things come to me, I will add them to this post.  Love and light-

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