21 December 2014

Please Join John and I In a Solstice Circle Session To Complete The Cabal Surrender! ~ Katelon Jeffereys ~ 20 December 2014

*** This will be "sticky" until after the time stipulated ***

Namaste Light Angels! It's time to strap on our boots, unfurl our wings, grab our Light-force shield, and gather up our Divine Adamantine confetti. We have a call from Katelon Jeffereys and John Ross to lend our Divine Light to precipitate this final and complete conclusion of Humanity's age-old saga with the dark. So if you hear this calling from your own Divine guidance, please join in and scatter the confetti around!

The energy of this Solstice is already so very amplified. I'm already having dizzy spells that literally leave my head spinning; they are more intense and last longer than "usual"...those energies must be gushing in! It's already the Solstice today for some of us ~ you can check your local time at this site:

Let's get this done! Let's put our Divine Light into action and create that Magic!!

Source: Empower and Balance

Tomorrow, Dec. 21, 2014, at 3:03 pm pst the Winter Solstice will take place. John and I are inviting anyone who cares to join us, to join us in the etheric, along with our large team, to call forth the completion of the Cabal Surrender that is now in process. Tomorrow will mark two years since 12/21/12 when many lightworkers around the world fully expected the dark to be fully ousted and the light pronounced Victorious. Instead the lightworker community agreed to wait until more of humanity could join in and the light could hopefully avoid using force to oust the dark.

Enough is enough and today, in our session, John called for the surrender to complete at the Solstice time.

We have received information that all the Cabal and Illuminati hierarchy has not only agreed on the etheric to a complete cabal/dark surrender, along with all the dark technologies being shut down and the negotiation concessions offered the dark, but that they have agreed to a stand down order to be delivered clearly and directly to all dark agencies, terror cells, etc….all the dark network around the world. This stand down order has to be understood by all, along with the parameters that they be obeyed or the dark and the light, both, would be punishing any dark actions taken after these stand down orders are received. In addition, if anyone violates the stand down order, they will not be allowed to receive the benefits within the surrender agreement.

Several days ago, we were alerted to two hostage technologies in place to keep humanity held hostage. One was held in place by and booby trapped with the Dark Nobility in charge, the other was controlled by and connected to a US cabal member, who requested our help in disconnecting it from him. These are both shut down, so there is no longer anything blocking the surrender other than to complete the roll out of the stand down agreement.

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