27 December 2014

Preparation for the Christ / Kryst DNA Encodement Drop: Gateway 25-29 December ~ Sandra Walter ~ 26 December 2014

Source: Creative Evolution

I AM shown a trigger point tomorrow, December 27, for this Gateway. We had a double rainbow in Mount Shasta on Christmas, which lasted for over three hours! Double Rainbows showed up all over the World on Christmas, and I always hold them as a reflection of our Divine work. This Christmas gateway is especially powerful as the Wayshowers prepare to embody purer, higher levels of the Christ/Kryst throughout 2015.

Goodness, it feels immense to me, right NOW. Every day, each moment feels like the first and the last moment of my journeys here. I AM sure some of you will resonate with that complete-transformation-Now sensation. Sensations of the-moment-of, where it used to feel like the-moment-before.

** Sandra then refers to her previous article, so if you haven't yet read it, then please continue reading here.

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