15 December 2014

Sandra Walter and Lauren Galey ~ 27 November 2014

**Update 15 December 2014: I'm re-publishing this to add highlights as well as to point out an important activation in the interview that you may be interested in, in case you haven't yet listened to this interview.


I have yet to get to this, but let me rescue it from my overlong queue and post it here. I will add highlights in due course. (Is it December already??...)

Please head here to get to this audio.

** Update ~ 15 December 2014
Some highlights:
  • There is a guided meditation and activation for unifying the 12 aspects of our Divine Self in this interview at the 1:08-hour mark
  • Accelerated pace towards Disclosure
  • Shifts getting more intense and intervals between them shorter
  • Return of Christed Consciousness, we are clearing as much as possible to embody and integrate this higher frequencies
  • Equinox, Blood Moons, Solar Flares amping things up, largest sunspot in 20 years
  • Oct 23rd timeline shift/jump, leading to accelerated Ascension Timeline
  • Time/Life getting funky, faster, more powerful, more pliable
  • LWs steering energies to assist in highest interest of all
  • Now moment, Divine flow
  • "Where did 2014 go?" ~ training for pliable time dynamics
  • We are acting on behalf of greater collective for Ascension
  • When we clear our past, we "heal" it so we don't feel burdened, going forwards (Tobias from Crimson Circle used to say "The future is the past, healed")
  • Rewriting Akashic records, moving harmoniously into higher dimensions without dragging our past into the future
  • Creation becomes co-creation in Unity
  • Consciousness affects morphogenetic fields
  • LET GO, LET GO, LET GO whatever doesn't resonate or serve anymore
  • Higher realms get it, they really do! They know the highest option that works best for Humanity
  • We need to be Disclosure ourselves, in all aspects, not just ET cover-up
  • Come from a place of neutrality.

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