01 December 2014

The 11:11 Through 12:12:14 Wormhole ~ Denise LeFay ~ 30 November 2014


Denise mentions in her update that she has been feeling neither fully "dead" nor fully "alive", and I'm certain she's accurately expressing much of what a lot of us have been feeling these weeks. I called it a dream-state fog in an earlier update, but I believe that Denise's description is more accurate. She explains that this is another "new" level of consciousness of Unity frequency that's we are in, and that instead of us proclaiming I am dead/I am alive, it's simply another transition, this time into "I AM".

This is the phase where she sees as a "wormhole", and after the 12:12...yep, you're right! Yet another cycle!

Please read her full message here.

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