04 December 2014

The Momentum of New Earth ~ Sandra Walter ~ 3 December 2014

Here we go again, again and again! Plenty for us to do during all these shifts :)

Source: Creative Evolution (includes video version)

Blessings Beloveds,
December brings us two potent gateways: The first presenting on December 4 – 11, and the second December 25 – 29. Let us explore the purpose of each:

December 4 – 11
Focus: Linking the grounded Grid systems, including the HUman heart grid, with the Unity Consciousness and crystalline grids of 5D/6D New Earth. Apparently a merge is occurring – which is fantastic sign that after 2 years of marinating the old grids with New Light, our grids are now carying more New Light than old light frequecies. With a cosmic wave trigger on the 7th, we will be firing the golden crystalline diamond light of the New HUman and New Earth, as preparation for the intense upgrades and energetics of 2015. The planetary merge is stepping up, and the timeline shift of last October is doing its work quickly and effectively. Visualize the merge as you work.

December 25 – 29
Focus: I was shown two images recently; the first was myself on a lightship, learning to pull in clouds around the ship to mask the shine, and dropping golden spirals of the DNA helix like a gateway spinning down to the ground. The second was DNA spirals serving as ladders to the higher Gaia during this passage. Gatekeepers, we will be calling forth the complete activation of the Golden Race DNA templates within the major sacred sites to align with the portals and stargates opening during this Gateway. Feel free to connect with the Master I AM templates of Mount Shasta.

Let the Light Work for You
A strong uptick in Solar Cosmic Christ light is expected by end of the month. We experience this growning vibration as Divine Love, Purity, and Inner Harmony. The external tends to become triggered, contract, or be confused by this light; it sets the old polarity pendulum swinging the opposite way to balance the magnetics. However, you may have noticed the pendulum does not take as many with it as it swings to the negative to balance the positive. Now it is a multidimensional pendulum with many directions, many facets. Duality is disintegrating as thousands in service demonstrate New Light dynamics of neutrality, compassion and Divine Love. Expect the unexpected, beloveds. Don’t look for evidence of our progress in old programs; focus on the New Light and be diligent in implementing all that it reveals in your own lifestream.
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