14 December 2014

The New Feminine Power: Activations of 12:12 and Sun Womb Emergence ~ Corrina Steward ~ 12 December 2014

Source: Earth Hive

The last few months have been a deep restoring and ascending process for the “wholeness” of feminine power on the planet. On the 12-12, we are arriving into the emergence of feminine power being restored as an essential ingredient to the New Human and the Destiny timeline for Earth.

The New Feminine Power
The deep seated wounds of being female and experiencing feminine creation energies on Earth created a dark force that removed authentic feminine power and functioning. The suppression of the feminine worked to disguise what the feminine is and slant history to the belief that female is the diminished or less worthy aspect of the human being. These programs of worthlessness, less than, lacking and marginalizing have been rising up in the newly laid unity consciousness grid (this is the Earth Hive structure) revealing the controlling mechanisms over the feminine. In this process of rising awareness a “lightening up” is occurring where the intelligence of the super consciousness, or oneness, is popping these control mechanisms from one’s energetic bodies and flushing out noxious physical patterns from the body. In this phasing out of the feminine control mechanisms, we are cycling thru intense moments of enlightenment and darkness.

We are working with the spiraling dynamic of the Destiny code of the unified heart to climb our way to a unified whole feminine embodiment. In the spiral is the white Nectar, the Mother elixir of new life imbued with pink crystalline angelic harmonics that re-tune the feminine DNA to vibrate at the frequency of the Higher God Self.

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