19 December 2014

The Soulstice Gateway ~ Kara Schallock ~ 18 December 2014

Source: Soulstice Rising

We are getting ready for another big Gateway…the Solstice (Winter/Summer) on the 21st. Just last week we had the 12-12 Gateway, which was about stepping more into the Power of being our Authentic Selves and more into the energies of Freedom and challenge. During this Gateway, which takes us into 2015, we continue with this theme plus more. Specifically, and potentially, we are preparing for beautiful opportunities in 2015. These are opportunities that are manifest to anchor New Life and crystal clear consciousness from which we create and manifest what we choose…either Freedom or challenge.

Look around and see how much has shifted. Even the old guard is exhibiting change and Oneness. In fact, as I bypass what most consider terrible world circumstances, I see how beautiful things are and it brings tears of Joy to me as I witness the changes. When things transform, there is a period of uncomfortable shifting, as we well know. Yet the shifting brings a beautiful New World. So you are encouraged to use the Power of the Soulstice to shift your view into seeing the Beauty rather than the destruction. As you shift your perception, you then are one of the many who are bringing Heaven to Earth.

The Soulstice (I use this term to suggest that the Solstice is more of a merging with Soul, which it is) brings about an energy in which our ‘inner” creates our “outer” in a more powerful way. It is true that who you are inside is what and how you experience your outer world and this will be more powerfully obvious in 2015 and what this Soulstice Gateway helps with.

The Soulstice is a Gateway of the culmination of the old (death/rebirth)…as long as we keep our focus and attention on the New. It brings more Balance; a coming together of Spirit and form, Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine, and a “flying off point.” I picture each of us jumping off a cliff while our wings unfold, giving us flight. During the Soulstice, ponder what you want to create and how you want to live. The Soulstice also is during the New Moon, which as you know, is a perfect time for choosing what you want to bring forth. Doing Ceremony is most powerful for you. Here is one for you, if it resonates…

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