16 December 2014

The Surrender Agreement ~ John Ross ~ 12 December 2014

Source: Freedom4Humanity

The Earth’s Light has successfully negotiated a surrender agreement with the Earth’s darkness. The basis of the agreement is that the dark end their long reign over humanity and voluntarily turn over power to Light based humans. In return, the dark will be granted amnesty for all crimes committed.

The dark had hoped to get a cover-up included as part of the surrender agreement but the Light would not agree to such a condition since it violates the very essence of Light based governance. The surrender agreement as negotiated is based on the full disclosure of facts for the historical record.
The negotiations were concluded toward the end of November and have yet to be ratified. In fact, factions of the Earth’s dark have rejected the agreement as negotiated and asked for a new set of negotiations. The Light has refused to return to the negotiating table, saying in effect…take what has been negotiated or face prosecution for all crimes you have committed. 
Those who sign the surrender document as presently negotiated will be granted amnesty, those who refuse will be prosecuted. Since the Light, with assistance from our ET supporters, has amassed dossiers of historical evidence against each member of the Earth’s darkness, this is a powerful motivation for surrender.
The US based cabal negotiated the surrender agreement for the dark and have led the internal negotiations to have all factions of the dark accept the agreement. The Light has supported the cabal in these efforts including accepting invitations to attend meetings and answer questions but have steadfastly refused to renegotiate. Very recently, the Vatican and the Jesuits, their enforcement agents, were invited to be included. Amnesty is very attractive to these people and indications are that they will be signatories.
It is currently hoped that the agreement will be accepted by the entire dark community and the option of arrests and prosecution will not be necessary.
The Light has set no deadline to date as good progress is being made.

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