01 December 2014

Updates From John Ross (Freedom4Humanity) and Team-Mate Katelon Jeffereys (Empower and Balance) ~ Part 2

While it is not entirely necessary to read Part 1 first, it is preferable. You can find Part 1 here.

Now we come to the actual reports from John Ross and Katelon Jeffereys, who work on the etheric levels to broker and precipitate the Dark's surrender. This is important to remember (that they work on the etheric levels) as you read the reports because there is a time-lapse before events manifest on the physical. I will pick up from where I left off before my self-imposed embargo :)

Following John's reporting of the Chimera's surrender, he issued a post (The Dark's Last Stand) stating that it was only a matter of time before we are totally liberated. He described what transpired during an etheric conference attended by many key participants of the negotiations. In his next report (Siphoning Away the Dark's Power and Control) John reveals some of Katelon's goddess warrior energies as he relates her background. As a team, they are constantly doing whatever they are guided to do to facilitate this long-drawn process of clearing the Dark energies. The good news is that the Chimera is now assisting the Light forces in dismantling their diabolical technology (strangelets, toplets).

Using the Berlin Wall as an analogy, John then draws the parallels between that situation and that of Humanity, where West Berlin represents the Light ETs; Eastern side, Humanity; the East German oppressors, the Cabal. The Wall itself represents The Veil, which is crumbling. The post is called Today's Berlin Wall.

John makes it very clear that a surrender is a far superior option than force in The Cabal Surrenders. The former holds the real risk of a Cabal-created chaos, not to mention the negative energetic footprint that force would create, which would in turn mar any well-intended resolutions thereafter. He also explained that the remaining block to the Cabal's total surrender was the US faction, which was still tenaciously clinging on to their last thread of illusion. They finally gave in (at least "on paper") when Obama was brought in to add weight to the negotiations.

At around the same time, Katelon wrote a celebratory message (Celebrate, Celebrate, Dance to the New Day! Yay!!), looking forward with enthusiasm to the bright and Light future ahead of Humanity. She magnanimously and selflessly notes that this victory is worth her previous lifetimes of horror, and current lifetime of struggle.

Physical manifestation of something created on the etheric levels requires time (Manifesting Into The Physical). As we follow John and Katelon's progress of their on-going efforts to liberate Humanity, we learn that that the manifestation energies themselves were blocked; two other factors were the energies blocking Disclosure and those that prevented the media from reporting truth.

In Bringing the Cabal's Surrender into the Physical, John and Katelon continue their untiring efforts to keep the surrender deal on track. A recent internal uprising within the Cabal resulted in a temporary suspension of the deal while the Light forces manage the situation. Once the US faction physically surrenders, Humanity will be restored to its Light timeline, as originally intended.

Heartfelt gratitude to this team for undertaking this daunting task on behalf of Humanity 💜
Words alone are inadequate.

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