30 December 2014

Vision and Message About 2015 ~ Latika Surya

Latika Surya is a mystic clairvoyant who works with Mother Gaia; her interest may not necessarily include "direct" involvement with the theme of Ascension, but in my opinion, the work that she does is definitely to do with Planetary Ascension. Due to her different perspective, it may seem at first that what Latika Surya describes in this message may be conflicting (and I will elaborate in a while) but upon further reflection, the words actually share the same essence of Ascension.

For example, Latika describes a general slowing down among the people of Earth. While Ascension to me means an elevation of vibrational frequency to transition from 3D into 4D/5D or higher (and therefore in terms of vibration, "faster") for both Mother Gaia and Humanity, Latika is referring to the psyche of Humanity...changing from "do-ing" into "be-ing", with the Divine Feminine coming into balance with the Divine Masculine and therefore switching the driving force from one of incessant busy-ness to one of peaceful existence.

It is an encouraging vision from an "earthly" perspective; yet another validation that changes are already happening and that 2015 will take us deeper into this transition.

Grateful thanks to Andrew Khor, who shared this with me, and to Latika Surya for her beautiful vision

From Andrew:
I spoke to Latika Surya around 2.04 pm. We decided to send healing energy to the earth. We gave intention to heal the earth with vibhutti holy ash and this is Latika’s vision and message:

She sees a river and a rocky mountain next to it. Solid and there is no erosion at all. The stream is quite nice and is moving gently. The icebergs are quite solid. The weather is suitably cold for the area. The temperature is dropping but not harmful for humans. 

White bears and Eskimos, both animals and people appear all right and are not feeling any major changes. Throughout the earth, mountains, tribal people, birds are happy. The environment is calm and people are composed. There is no anxiety and no anger.

Passive energy is engulfing the earth at the moment. (Native Americans) seem to be good and happy. Soldiers can be seen returning home, there is no necessity for war and they are happy to be with their families. 

All the five elements on earth are well-balanced. It appears that humans are not ready for this change. Slowing down seems to be a problem. Depending on where and how people are on the planet, they will feel changes in their physical body. Many may not want to slow down and will resist the process.

(Latika’s vision shifts to Shamballa.)

Those in the blue city are different. Their vibrations are spontaneous, they can attune and adapt to any situation and they can revitalise themselves immediately. 

Human bodies and their cells on earth have been attuned to a certain (over-active) state of vibration to enable them to live at the current active pace of living.

The passive energy from the universe is engulfing the planet and will initiate a slowing down process. Slowing down of the mind is not damaging however it can be quite upsetting for people who are used to living at a fast pace.

Human beings living in the cities are not used to their cells vibrating at a different slower level. When the vibrations of the human body become lesser, the human body starts to use energy more efficiently.
This will lead to a better level of energy among people and there will be less disharmony in the body. There will be less consumption of food, less fights, anger, animosity, frustration and depression. This passive energy is bringing about this beneficial shift on the planet and is balancing good and evil.
The incoming passive energy from the universe is like an equalizer. This incoming colour from the universe to the planet is bluish gold. It is very soft, gentle and passive energy. This is what the people on earth are going to feel in the year 2015.

It will enhance people’s intellectual ability. There will be less competition, less fights and people will become more reflective and contemplative of themselves. With the reduction in physical vibrations, things will slow down and when things slow down, that will in itself be a treatment for cancer. The pace of life is currently too fast and is becoming detrimental to the health of the people. Doctors will think that there is some kind of a virus when people start complaining that they are slowing down but actually there is nothing wrong with the people. The SHIFT to a more peaceful era has started among the population.

It is as if when you touch silk, you will feel it very smooth and nice. That is how the bluish gold energy that is now coming to the earth feels like.

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