28 December 2014

"We Are The Ones..." ~ What Are We Waiting For?

This is about three things that have remained in my mind since Cobra's update on the IS:IS Portal Activation (here for the report), and I will be elaborating on them. I wish to clarify that this is not about the intel itself, it is more about the implications of those three things on our Ascension timeline.

I'll start with the one that I highlighted when I posted the update on my blog:

This means that we are now entering the Breakthrough phase. We are no longer resisting the status quo, we are making (a) push for the final victory.

This, to me, is a very significant marker on Humanity's arduous and seemingly never-ending saga. Using an analogy, it's like we need to build a new home because our old one is slowly crumbling and getting unsafe to live in. The only place we can build our new home is up a mountain, where the air is fresh, the soil promises bountiful supplies of fresh food, the environment is safe, and where Magic thrives. It's just that we need to get ourselves up that mountain. With our hands tied to our back. And oh, with that ball-and-chain on our left foot. And wait...they said there were vicious beasts along the way....

So, using that analogy, we've actually made it to the top. Now it's time for us to start building so we have somewhere we can call "Home". The path has been cleared so we can actually move forward with visible evidence of progress. Before, it was more of take-one-step-forward-and-one-step(or two)-back, due to the "resistance of the status quo".

The next thing that jumped out for me is this:

A critical mass of 144,000 people from the Resistance Movement and the  Agartha Network have emerged from their underground realms briefly and did this activation on the surface exactly in the same way as we have been instructed.

From what I understand, this is another truly significant development. Apart from facilitating the energies from the Shapley Attractor and stabilising and strengthening the Planetary Grids for The Event, this incredible and historical act from our Intraterrestrial brethren tells me that the vibrational frequency on the surface has reached the point where they are able to come up to the surface in such great numbers to carry out the activation. This would not be possible if the vibration level on the surface is too prohibitive for the Agarthans, or if hostile attacks are endangering their lives.

Finally, there's this part...and I'm taking a deep breath as I write this, because this is a very misunderstood, prickly, emotionally charged and loaded issue:

They have also communicated that it is time to start practicing unconditional forgiveness towards ourselves and others. There is no more time to dwell on the past, it is time to create the future and live in the Now.

For this, I will relate something I learnt many years ago. It was something I read (can't recall what) about running in a race that said ~ and I paraphrase:
"In a race, you need to look ahead and focus on the Finish Line. If you turn around and look back at your opponents, you lose your focus and with that, precious time, which may cost you the race."

I don't wish to say much about this, because everyone has their own story and I have neither desire nor right to summarise them all into my opinion. All I know is that if we demand vengeance or punishment, we perpetuate a horrible cycle that leads nowhere. Vengeance places us at the same vibrational level upon which the original crime occurred, and punishment...well we know as children as well as parents that it doesn't really work.

Forgiveness is something we do for ourselves. We don't need to forget, but we need to forgive, because the act of forgiving liberates us from our own shackles that keep us bound to pain and negative emotions. This would greatly impact our own Ascension process; we can't be in a state of higher vibrations if we are choosing to wear these shackles, and that's too big a price to pay. I choose Ascension...always. In choosing Ascension, I also choose to end this Matrix of limited consciousness.

"Jesus once said, 'Forgive them, for they know 
not what they do,'...they know not what they do, 
because they know not WHO THEY ARE!"   ~ Prince Ea

We already know that we are the Ones that we've been waiting for. So now the waiting must end, and our work begins. Each of us is here with our own individual purpose, and I can certainly assure you that you most definitely have a role to play in birthing the Golden Age of Christ Consciousness. If you are doing inner work, then you are already playing your role. It always starts with our own Selves, and then we can go on to spread our Light in our own special way. The homeless one carrying Divine Light in his Heart is no less than the public Wayshower who has hundreds of thousands listening to her guidance.

We are the Ones we are waiting for. We are the Ones who are required to totally tip this Matrix over, and bring it to a complete and final close. Cobra has stated that the 144,000 required to transform human consciousness needs to come from Humanity. This is obvious; we need to do it ourselves, no one else can do it for us. This is why we are the Ones. In a Universe of Free Will, this is what is required.

We need to use all the knowledge we've garnered and all the inner guidance we've tuned into, and put them into action...NOW.
We need to believe that we can, and have the ability, to do something...NOW.
We need to stop waiting, and start acting...NOW.

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