16 January 2015

A Profound Exhale of Creation ~ Sandra Walter ~ 15 January 2015

From Sandra's site
A scintillating update from Sandra Walter! Some highlights: (or you can go straight to her site here)

  • 5D/6D New Earth grid system complete....YES!!
  • Connection with our beautiful Sun
  • Everything is linked to Heart centre, which is pure connection to Source  (*Grace: and if I may add, this is the quickest way to connect!)
  • Shasta's Crystal of Om now beaming current Ascension codes to all who choose to receive
  • Groundwork complete, release of Cosmic energies now intensifies (!)
  • Our alignment with Zero Point progresses
  • Final two (of four) Blood Moon-Equinoxes in March and September this year (two in 2014) ~ availability of higher choices and becoming more of our True Divine Self
  • Call forth 5D consciousness for our brain to operate in, this can cause moments of blankness
  • "So much, so fast, so brilliant!"

**Who's the Vulcan? Not Spock, I hope...  :)

Please read the full message here.

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