04 January 2015

AirAsia Flight QZ 8501 ~ Answers From QHHT Session With Lai via Laron ~ 3 January 2015

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I'm publishing this in full here, grateful thanks to Laron and Lai!

Source: Transients

This information is based upon the recent event that occurred with AirAsia flight QZ8501, where the plane lost contact with air traffic control on the 27th of December, 2014, over the Java Sea. AirAsia flight QZ8501 was flying between Indonesia and Singapore and was about half way when it disappeared. A hundred and sixty two souls were on board. Bodies and debris have since been located.

At the end of last week I conducted another QHHT session with Lai. I was running overtime during the session, but decided to ask this final question right at the end. I won't be including it in the article I write up for the session, but I have decided to put the information here instead.

You can find previous QHHT sessions with Lai through the Past Life Regression link in the menu.

Note that this information is coming from the grid collective consciousness, which you can find out more about through past sessions with Lai.

Laron: Are you able to tell us about that AirAsia flight, out of curiosity. The one that was in the news recently that went missing, and then later some bodies were found in the water.
GC: We see that this is not an accident. The plane did not crash. A weapon was being tested. They seem to be implementing it a lot on planes recently. It's trying to capture a thing from one place, and instantly move it to another place.

Laron: So it's like a Teleporter?
GC: Yes, but it's not working correctly, they are still experimenting with it.

Laron: So what happened? Was the plane suddenly shifted from one space to the other?
GC: When you turn on this weapon, different things can happen. If there are clouds, depending on the type of clouds, it can rain and storms can manifest because of the movement of molecules, because it creates a vortex, but it depends on the type of clouds. It has a different affect based on the type of cloud it is used on. So for example, within one cloud it would just be like a loud ringing noise for those in the vicinity, they would have blurry vision. The weapon, once they turn it on, it's like waves are generated, electromagnetic waves. For some people it may look like a mirror and it may also look like there was a light or a sun shining at them. So the pilots of a plane would think there was a strong light ahead and they would start feeling dizzy, as their ears would be ringing. It really shakes every molecule of the human body, which is bad for the bones.

Laron: Who's got the weapon? 
GC: We see a strong connection with people that have ties to the United Kingdom, the United States and a country in the Middle East. So the weapon did not work like they expected. The purpose of this weapon is so that they can use it to create a war and so they can make objects disappear in the future, but they haven't been very successful.

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