13 January 2015

As The Sun Is Setting on the Dark...How About Some Love and Appreciation For All The Lightworkers! ~ Katelon Jeffereys ~ 12 January 2015

Look at that gorgeous sunset taken by Katelon...and image is definitely in synch with what I just posted before this ~ Cobra's validation that the Light is returning, once again, to our beloved and beleaguered-no-more Planet, illuminating her skies in a way that leave no doubt about Light's presence. And here is Katelon Jeffereys affirming the en-Lightening and sending out gratitude to all who played a role, whether consciously or otherwise.

Source: Empower and Balance

We are near the end friends, the end of the era of the dark’s rule over this planet.  Yes, it hasn’t fully happened yet, but the information John and I are receiving is that we are almost “there”.  I don’t know about you, but I can see the finish line and feel like I’m on my belly, bruised, bleeding, dragging myself to that line.  Between all the shifts going on within our bodies as we prepare for ascension and how hard all lightworkers have been working, this life and others, it is no wonder that many of us feel exhausted.  Then you can add in the dark’s technologies placed within human, and especially lightworkers, trying to prevent us from doing the work to bring forth the light, and all the technologies used to keep us ill, confused, and poisoning our water, air and soil, it’s a miracle we’ve all survived.

So this is just a short post to honor all of you….all your work, your dedication to the light, your dedication to a New World of peace.  I’m honoring light workers, activists, whistleblowers, all of the people marching in unity in France and other countries, across America in Fergusion, Wall Street, standing up for a planet based on Oneness, Freedom, Equality.  I’m honoring who you are, and all you give of yourself to your families and the world.  I appreciate you and thank you for your service.  I’m honoring all who are working on this planet to bring forth new light based governments, new light based financial systems, new light based medias. Your family and friends and the world might not be acknowledging you right now, but they will once the shift happens and they realize how much you have given of yourself to bring this shift about. So from the bottom of my heart Thank You!

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