20 January 2015

Ascension 2015 ~ Matt Kahn ~ 9 December 2014

You can tell that I'm trying to clear my queue :)  This is from wa-a-ay back! I really like this one ~ Matt Kahn brought up so many things that I resonated with. Some highlights in case you haven't yet heard this, the video is about 70-minutes; please watch it here. And if you haven't yet watched, or would like a refresher, I recommend Matt's "The First Wave of Ascension" which came out in April last year (felt like just a couple of monthe ago!), posted here.
  • 2015 ~ Year of Initiated Souls; initiation into the 5D
  • The Fore-shadowers (Fore-runners etc) or "Cosmic Paul Reveres" came here to assist in and anchor the energies of this accelerated growth of Consciousness, message to Humanity is to join this wave or be swept along by it
  • Many early Indigos (aged 50+ now) come from Sirius, hence the blue hue; they anchored the energies for new Indigos, Crystals and Starseeds (many from Pleiades)
  • These early Indigos, being energy anchors, forgot that they had already gone through this process of Ascension that the rest are now going through; they need to remember that their role is to be in the higher spiritual development and not "re-learn" the "magic" (like asking how come they don't have the abilities that the new waves are exhibiting); they don't need to re-do what they've already done
  • Starseeds and Crystals are here to learn to be grounded while living from their elevated consciousness in the midst of lower consciousness
  • 2015 will accelerate, it's what we've been preparing for over past 5-7 years (period of incubation, spiritually intense, physically exhausting, emotionally tumultous), shifting from carbon-based to crystalline
  • Also a period of intense purging and healing of all old paradigms (including spiritual ones!), and doing it individually and for the Collective (lightening the load of Collective)
  • This collective clearing that we've been doing for years ends in 2015 (yay!!!)
  • 2015 Crystalline DNA fully activated and ready to be embodied
  • That's why last half of 2014 was angst-filled as we sped up to finish off whatever we could in order to begin new in 2015
  • "You can stay in your old paradigm, but Life will crank up the heat and evict you, for good reason"
  • We now no longer need to be the Cosmic Janitor cleaning up collective unconsciousness!!
  • We are becoming a multidimensional Light Bearer of Heart-Centered Consciousness, radiating new energies for others to absorb; also able to manifest with ease
  • Incubation period = how much can we survive with very little? (abundance, relationships, energy, validation etc); it's a clearing out energies of threat and survival until we've hollowed out enough to fill up again with new energies
  • Our desires that will complement our journey come to us quickly
  • Journey of this initiation: Live as incarnated expressions of Divine Faith; accepting the situation but we don't need to like it!
  • "Cultivate the strength, discover the courage, remember the passion, find the conviction to live and be fuelled Faith with only Love in our Hearts to transform the entire Planet, willingness to take the one of the greatest thrill ride in the Galaxy... and it's called Ascension"
  • We're not turning our back on Life, we are turning to the Light, lead by example 
  • We're already on a 5D Planet, we just need to have our goggles and blinders taken off, we're not "going" anywhere 
  • When we enter 5D, surrender all understanding so that we enter solely by Faith
  • We become guides through our energy for the second wave over next 5-7 years
  • When will the ships land? Recognise that our Planet herself is a Mothership
  • When we are transforming our carbon DNA, everything feels surreal; once we emerge and anchor the crystalline, everything finally becomes Divinely real
  • New spirituality requires us to become Masters in creating relationships
  • "Celebrate the Master that you are!"

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