26 January 2015

Cobra and Rob Potter Q&A ~ 20 January 2015

Thank you to Therese Zumi Sumner for the alert :)

Source: The Promise Revealed (what follows is just an excerpt)

Rob – OK.  Someone has asked in regards to the economic systems of the ET’s and the Political systems.  I know we have universal cash-less society which will be explained to us, we can maybe go into that in another interview.  When people think of the galactic confederation, could you kind of explain . . . I know that everything’s been divided down here to anarchist, communists, capitalism, democrats, republicans.  Can you explain a little bit about how the politicians and the society works.  Most people probably won’t have an idea of how completely different the world is without a scaler field network so it’s hard for them.  Could you paint a little picture on the workings of a planet.  How the administration of the society is run, the leaders and/or they’re usually masters of this nature.  The difference between the spiritual and the political aspect on another world.  give us a little sketch outline of that.

COBRA – The evolved societies have completely different perspectives on things and everything they do they do from a soul perspective so they do not run politics as people do on this planet.  They’re decisions are based on the soul contact and higher perspective and because everybody is connected with the higher perspective, they work harmoniously without having a need to have a massive infrastructure that would support decision making.  Decision making for them is very easy. Everybody feels, knows and understands the truth and the purpose.  And then each person just carries out that part of the purpose that he or she is aligned with.  So they don’t have political process in the same way that we know of on this planet because political process on this planet is basically just manipulation strategy of the Cabal to keep people enslaved.

Rob – Thank you.  How soon will the event start after the last Chimera group location gets wiped out.
COBRA - OK. When the last Chimera location gets wiped out, the event can start immediately.

Rob – Will they still have control over the reincarnation process after the last location is


Rob – OK Cobra.  I want to end on a really positive note here.  We’ve talked about a lot of crazy stuff and a lot of wonderful positive changes taking place.  We’re seeing real movement now and on the physical plane and things.  We’ve talked about the unholy 4 and the possible chaos and the importance of PFC event support groups.  We’ve asked people to sign up there.  On a positive note, you mentioned that there’s an activation, I think it’s taking place today.  Tell us a little more information about the comet love joy and the Pleiades and how these energetic waves are going to restructure the tunnels of Set and make way for a great transformation.  Can you share the good news and what you think might come from this.

COBRA - OK. The activation is taking place tomorrow although the energies are already coming.  The Pleiades emanate a very positive and loving energy and the plasma of the tail of comet love joy is right now in the line of sight as seen from earth to the Pleiades so the pleiadian energy passes through the plasma tail of the comet Love-joy before it reaches the earth.  So we will actually get some very highly charged plasma particles of light reaching the surface of the planet and those highly charged positive plasma particles will infiltrate the tunnels of Set which are plasma wormholes on a quantum level and begin to transforming them.  This will begin to address some primal basic situations and energetically speaking which has been keeping this planet in darkness for ages.  And this is the first time this is changing ever in human history so it’s a huge thing.  The consequence are hard to predict but they will be positive.

Please read the full interview transcript here.

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