24 January 2015

Cobra Interview January 2015 ~ Ashtar Sheran Radio www.AshtarSheranRADIO.COM

I would have preferred a transcript...anyway, here are some highlights of this interview of Cobra by Ashtar Sheran. It's just 26-minutes with lots of information, much of which Cobra has already covered previously. Nevertheless, it's my opinion that this is a great interview! You can listen/watch here.
  • Comet Lovejoy heralds the return of Light on Earth; passing close to Orion, which is where the darkness originated, resulting in transforming duality consciousness
  • No direction relationship with Planet X
  • False flags meant to create vibrational frequency of fear in order for continued control by Archons; "symbolic" places chosen to maximise their agenda; Paris is one of energy vortex points of Planet
  • The Event is part of dynamic plan dependent on free will of Humanity, but it will happen "relatively soon"
  • Financial reset is part of The Event therefore no guarantee when this will occur (Cobra has always insisted that The Event needs to happen before the reset); other plans by Dark will not be allowed
  • People will like Agartha but they can only enter when they are able to live in peace and harmony and frequency high enough
  • Cobra was there many years ago and saw advanced technology and computers, peaceful and harmonious society, space fleet; he also saw the plan for The Event
  • IS:IS portal initialised Breakthrough Phase and enabled a certain Cosmic Entity to come in to anchor Goddess energy; this is an amazing achievement which hasn't happened before
  • Goddes energy ~ energy which was missing throughout past 25,000 of occupation and especially past 2000 years; it's necessary for planetary liberation
  • Many ways to experience and describe this energy; it will transform the Planet
  • Most Archons on etheric and plasma planes, few on physical; protection as per meditation posted by Cobra (you can read it here)
  • Daily meditation to connect with Love and Light; also focusing on breath enables us to balance our energies and reach certain states of consciousness
  • Cobra's origins in Pleiades
  • Order of Star ~ 144,000 Star Beings came from many systems to help transform darkness and bring Light back to Planet; many are part of this without knowing it
  • Leylines ~ key to vibrational balance of Planet, Dark using them for negativity, we need to use them to bring Light and healing in
  • Egypt ~ trigger/anchor point for cosmic energies to be transmitted all over
  • Window of Opportunity closes 17 March, it presents more support and opportunity for The Event but it can also happen outside of this window
  • Do not pay attention to things like Ebola, most of it is disinformation
  • Crop Circles (authentic) many of which created by Pleiadians to help awaken Humanity to higher dimensions, using Light Language
  • Many Beings of Light will come when the time is right, including Jesus
  • Certain contact can also be established with loved ones who have passed, when the time is right
  • Mars ~ lots of disinfo, all black projects cleared now, Light Forces now there, assisting us with our planetary liberation; ditto with our Moon
  • After The Event, all suppressed technology will be released to masses very quickly, and then post-The Event after First Contact, technologies will be upgraded with higher Cosmic aspects; steep learning curve ahead! 
  • Compression Breakthrough ~ moment when Light fromRM from below surface and Light from Galactic forces from above meet on surface, this will happen at The Event 
  • Cities of Light ~ at the moment none at physical level yet, still at etheric; when this happens it's a very dramatic change with strong energy, "we're not there yet", we need to raise our consciousness
  • Water worlds ~ after First Contact, we will be able to visit other Planets, "when time is right"
  • Funds to be released via bank accounts (also other ways for those without) after The Event
  • Most of dark technology already removed; scalar network that's keeping consciousness suppressed and in energy of fear needs to be removed before The Event
  • Time-space continuum gap appears to be greater here than on etheric due to perception; if our consciousness is clear, we have a better perception of time
  • Cobra's sources both physical and non-physical
  • Victory of Light is near, important to unify and cooperate with each other, "together we are stronger"
  • Start following our own higher guidance and do whatever we can to help in liberation process, follow our own individual calling! Start being active and dynamic, stop waiting, time for action!


  1. Thank you, this was helpful, as YouTube audio is often more challenging to hear than those done on Soundcloud. I keep rewinding but miss spots.

    1. Welcome! But please know that not all topics are included in the highlights :)