16 January 2015

Cobra Interview With Untwine ~ 13 January 2015

Art by Francene Hart
I'll list just a few highlights to the interview; the transcript is available at Untwine's Recreating Balance site here.
  • Earth's ascension was set for 1999/2000, it was postponed for us to "settle our situations"
  • Lower degree Freemasons may not be aware of Cabal matrix, they are not part of it; however, we are all directly or indirectly participating in it because of how we live our lives
  • Human DNA have so many ancestral origins, it's not possible to define which lines are native (*I'd like to think of us as just ONE race...the Earth Human race, "Terrans" or even "Gaians")
  • Infusion of energy raises vibrational frequency
  • Return of Divine Feminine enables men to be more connected with their emotions and women to speak their Truth, also healing the feminine energies that were already present but were intentionally suppressed and distorted. For complete healing, Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine both need to be embodied
  • Depopulation plan was idea of a faction of Cabal, not Archons; the latter need more people for enslavement to feed off from their fear energy
  • CERN is Chimera project to transmit and maintain their technologies, lots of disinfo so use discernment (*I've read some really "interesting" claims being made recently...so yes, please exercise caution)
  • Double-headed eagle symbol originates from Illuminati lineage
  • Interaction between gluons and other sub-atomic particles have been manipulated by dark, the veil is one result
  • Tachyon energy will flood Planet after The Event (yay!!)
  • Philadelphia experiment was actually about teleportation, not time-travel
  • Aleistair Crowley manipulated into promoting negative agenda
  • Montauk Chair was dimensional doorway experiment, again not time-travel
  • Positive races indirectly involved in some of these Black projects to attempt to steer them towards positive direction
  • Roswell crash was Grey ship, they couldn't handle the magnetic and space-time anomalies of the veil
  • Veil has been in place for 25,000 years
  • ALL Stargates now in hands of the Light (yay again!!)
  • Wingmakers were real, they were representatives of a central civilisation and they did leave a capsule behind in Chaco Canyon; today both original and non-original versions of information exists, use discernment (*if you haven't read the Wingmakers material yet, I highly recommend it; I've read the two different sets and for me, I resonate more with the older one. You can read more about them here)
  • David and Solomon were of the Light but their lineages got infiltrated
  • Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem (also called Cornerstone) is symbolic of manifestation from Divine Will
  • Time is a vector of evolution
  • Children selected through primary school testing for MK Ultra, Beatles were MK Ultra victims, programming can be subtle; Yoko Ono tried to help John Lennon, they had positive intentions
  • Some astral travel are genuine but many are not
  • Giant skeletons belong to ancient race
  • Bermuda Triangle caused by distortion of "certain generator field" (*giant Atlantean crystal?) on ocean floor, causes dimensional displacement
  • Ok to cremate few days after death to allow ethereal body to leave completely
  • Paris false flag is distraction, focus on positive
  • ALL Holy Grail stones now with the Light Forces (another Yay!!)
  • Tachyon energies increasing drastically in the galaxy
  • Jesus "went through" the crucification process (*notice Cobra didn't say "was crucified"...many now believe Jesus survived the process and went on to live elsewhere), Magdalene has ascended, there were 12 male and 12 female apostles
  • Order of Round Table also half male, half females, they were in UK to bring in the Goddess principles
  • Some lenticular clouds are natural, some are spaceships
  • Black holes are hyperdimensional stargates, white holes are the exit points
  • Logos are Beings who embody the consciousness of Planet or Solar Systems
  • Many dragons have evolved back to Light and are guardians and protectors
  • 432 Hz is good but not the only one (*528? 936?)
  • "In the liberated universe you have free will, freedom to travel, except for certain isolated locations, you can go pretty much wherever you want, or wherever is the highest purpose for you to go."
Thank you, Cobra and Untwine!

Please read the entire interview here, where you can also find a video of a Cathar melody in 432 Hz.

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