27 January 2015

David Wilcock Comments via Kauilapele's Blog ~ 26 January 2015

Very, very nice indeed! More positive development reported by David Wilcock. From what he's commented, I'd like to make the following observations (you can proceed to KP's site here):
  • We are on a positive timeline now and events are accelerating; the corollary is that Ascension is also accelerating
  • "Major events" are looming on the horizon
  • We are definitely receiving plenty of assistance, without which...I'm not going there :)
  • Cabal nearing its end, and they know it!
And this is what made me sit up...I've not known about it before:
"In order for the ETs who are doing this to have accomplished this,
it was required for them to have constructed a completely alternate parallel reality that people were living and working in, and that appeared to be our real future."


  1. I don't usually feel differences in energy (I've never felt like I had any unusual abilities or anything), but I felt a HUGE influx in positive energy yesterday! It just seemed to come on without any apparent cause. I had a similar experience about a week or so ago.

    I don't know if it was just me or not, but right after I felt it, I experienced a creative "burst" and wrote my next blog post for this week--without the usual stops and starts. I also read this and a few other extremely positive posts like it. These and several other synchronistic events in my life only confirmed my sense that we are really starting to gather upward momentum.

    Interesting times, indeed!

    Thanks for posting this, Grace!

    Nothing's gonna stop us now...



    1. You're tuning in, Stargazer! Energies are so intense right now it can feel suffocating (in a good way) at times. I look at it as all the taps (faucets) being turned on now, at increasing pressures! Namaste :)

  2. This is another FANTASTIC post (from Oracles and Healers). Both this one and David's posts left me almost breathless with anticipation and excitement: