15 January 2015

Divine Infinite Calculus ~ Lisa Renee ~ January 2015

Divine Infinite Calculus Crown

With the return of the Divine Feminine to the Planet, all of creation here will revert to the Universal Law of Divine Infinite Calculus which governs both matter and anti-matter. This means that the anomalous structures such as the NAA (Negative Alien Agenda) and their mis-creations will undergo a deconstruction and revert back to the original, being purified in the process. This will appear as decay and chaos, which we are already witnessing around us today.

This will also translate into a planetary healing crisis that burns away all that is of lower conciousness before being resurrected into our highest spiritual purpose.

Lisa Renee's update for this month comes with news of an urgent need to merge the body, mind and spirit. She goes into great Cosmic and metaphysical detail, so please read her update here. You can also listen to the audio, which is on the same page, if you prefer.

I will make a point here and mention that sometimes, Lisa Renee's updates can involve much information about the NAA. how they have controlled the populace, and therefore how we can liberate ourselves from the control. Here, she explains how we need to work on ourselves to release the infection of base desires, which can be quite common with Starseeds. Much of this "programming" can be traced way back to sexual distortions perpetuated by the reptilian races. Since I'm acutely aware that some readers are averse to information of this nature, please consider this as a cautionary notice.

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