16 January 2015

Don't Be Afraid of Strangelet Bombs ~ Untwine ~ 15 January 2015

Source: Recreating Balance

This is a call i would like to make to the awakened population.

Many contactees, whistle blowers and other teachers have come out throughout the years on this planet. They have shared with us very important information on various subjects, but in the end the whole point of the message is the shift, the liberation of this planet.

The state of this planet is in no way normal. Disharmony is not natural. The absence of contact with other planets is not normal. The Source/Creator is pure harmony, oneness and joy. We star seeds knew this and we came from many places in the universe to help, we bothered to come here and go through many difficulties to incarnate here, even though we had everything we needed, paradisiac lives outside of this prison.

We did not do this so we could settle in a suburban house somewhere, working jobs we know are not our highest purpose, just so we could afford houses we never have time to do anything in, having projects and dreams we never have energy left to put them in place, never seeing the people that really correspond to us, until we die and start again, just so we can have little bits of comfort that are pretty much nothing compared to the struggle of this planet and the lives that we could have.
So many people are in a spectator state, listening to the news from the front line coming from various information sources, almost as if they were watching a good movie.

This is not who we are. This is not why we came here for. We came to liberate this planet.

Many people are waiting for more information, but as this Agarthan contactee explained, we already have way enough information in order to do our mission.

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