22 January 2015

Free Audios for Powerful Start to New Year ~ Judy Satori ~ 14 January 2015

My queue-clearing continues....  :)  I retrieved this from my Inbox yesterday so I only just got to listening to the audios. The first one, Accessing Soul Template Meditation (20-minutes) is one that I've done before some time back. I remember I zoned out half-way. It was no different this time, I thought I was going to get to the end without zzz-ing but it happened again. So although I don't know what the second half entails, I can assure you it's really powerful stuff that gets to work very quickly at deep levels.

I'm just going to copy the entire email, and please let this be OK with you, Judy Satori :)  The three audios are: Accessing Soul Template Meditation, Let Go and Let God and The Creation Code. You may know that Judy is my favourite Light Language guide, so I always enjoy her work and I hope you do, too :)

From my email:
Let Go of the Old...Begin the New

Happy New Year from Judy Satori
Hello Everyone,
2015 is the year to step into JOY.  It's about being happy, having fun and following your heart.
The key word is PASSION.
If its not flowing in YOUR LIFE,
change your life.

Letting Go and Letting God is a good first step in crossing the bridge to something wonderful.

When you don't know and you cannot see ahead, it pays to surrender to what is ... to trust that all is well and that God and the Universe knows exactly what you need and will deliver.

I have been on a crash course of trust and surrender. From the moment I completed the retreat in Sydney I have been on a roller coaster ride of change and recalibration on many levels.  From talking to some of you, I know that you have been going through change too.
Right now I am enjoying summer in New Zealand.  I am going for long walks, eating the 'fruits of the Earth' as guided by Spirit and generally getting in shape for what promises to be very busy year ahead.  I will be returning to California at the beginning of February to attend a month long course in raw food cuisine with Matthew Kenney in Santa Monica. I'm looking forward to sharing this new adventure with you.

I am practicing letting go of my 'to do' lists and following my heart. I am applying the teachings of Mary Magdalene by feeling into my soul's truth.  Life is becoming simpler and easier as a result.  I'm loving the new, more relaxed, chilled out me.

In the midst of the roller coaster ride I remembered what the Lyran woman Mollia from my book Sunshine Before the Dawn said to Essayenya about following the heart and about getting things done. I'm putting her advice into practice.  

Read about it here    This information is on page 105, Chapter seven. 
Take Time this Year to Just Be
The Accessing Soul Template meditation is a wonderful energy process to listen to a few times at the beginning of the new year. As the energies begin to work within your body and mind you might feel yourself begin to dream or drift away. Your higher self is bringing a new beginning to you in your life and your conscious mind is catching up with the soul's guidance. Activate potential and purpose and gain greater clarity about what you want to create and what you need to change in order to do so.

Also recommended,   EPIPHANY ...its all about JOY

An Epiphany is a sudden divine revelation. This is the overall purpose of this CD, to help you fully activate Joy within your being.  Listening to Epiphany will still and calm your mind and allow you to be more receptive to the guidance of the soul self.
Let Go and Let God

Have you been feeling out of sorts emotionally and physically?  
Is your life changing in ways that seem out of your control? 
Do you feel anxious and uncertain of what the future holds, or what to do?

If the answer is YES, then listen as often as required to

These energy frequencies will smooth the way into the new.  They will help you adjust to change that you cannot control and actually FEEL FAITH that all is well.  


The Happiness Codes
Last Year Spirit gave me a special task...to record 10 sound tracks that I have called The Happiness Codes.  

I am working on making these audio tracks available to all of you sometime soon.  It is so important that we all experience happiness and peace, as these vibrations in the cells of the body are the precursor to DNA change and human evolutionary upgrade.

To begin to experience this new energy I am giving you a sample track,   

which will help you create and draw to you what you need in your life for peace and happiness. 

I invite you to try the CREATION CODE

The energy will clear fears and blocks related to not being able to manifest the basic requirements for day to day happiness, such as money, job and home and help to shift limiting realities.

Before you listen to the sound track below, decide what you want and write it down.  Keep it simple...one sentence.  Before you listen, read or say out loud what it is that you want, and imagine that you have it already.  Focus on one desire each time you listen.  You can repeat as many times as you wish.
Put in the time now to energetically prepare for the year ahead
You won't look back!
I will be in touch with you all again at the beginning of February.
I am planning a number of new events in the first six months of the year and will keep you informed.

With love and best wishes,

Judy Satori

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