27 January 2015

Galactic News Network (GNN) Timeline Update Part 1 ~ Andrew Bartzis and Natalie ~ 21 January 2015

This update talks about the RV/GCR and some other issues which were covered in the previous post...synchronicity strikes again. I'm definitely paying attention!

Some highlights, there's more in the interview; please listen here, about 37 minutes.

  • 21 December 2014 separation of timeline densities initiated ~ one for those on path of Light and Unity and the other, domination and control. Each timeline will then continue forking until the lowest layer
  • We must own our Sovereignty
  • Matrix rebooted system without Lightworker grid intact, like dog shaking off the fleas i.e. the dog (Matrix) shaking off the LW "fleas", who are now free of the Matrix
  • Cern used to separate these densities
  • Lightworker grid returned to natural energies of Earth; now LWs must learn to co-create without foundation of domination and control
  • RV etc "perfect crime" that kept many living their true lives for 9 years
  • Star brethren have their own perception of Humanity and their own ancestral past, and some may have been affected by impanted false history or timeline genocides
  • "Off-World Truther Brigades"
  • We are now on 5th Paradox / Timeline, so sometimes telepathic messages or remote viewers can access bleed-throughs from the other 4 paradoxes (however, I do understand and believe that these timelines are "merging"; Gaia Portal's "Timeline scenarios are narrowed to knife’s edge" 22 January is one such source)
  • We have all the answers in our DNA memory
  • We just need to unravel our own personal spiritual Rubik's cube
  • Earth constantly nurturing and supporting us
  • Every person has his or her own journey, every one brings a piece to the hologram, so no judging, which is polarising
  • If it doesn't resonate, move on!
  • We're all in this together, Unconditional Love essential!

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