08 January 2015

Golden Age Messages From The Masters ~ We Are The Change ~ via Kamala Everett and Sharon Rsoe

Grateful thanks to Colleen via the PAO newsletter, where I saw this beautiful message.

Golden Age Messages from the Masters

through the founders of the Ascended Masters Mystery School ~ January 2015 ~ Part 1

We Are The Change

Only a full union with the God Presence of your True Self is powerful enough to transmute the ages of pain and misinformation that has been recorded within the memory grid of every human being. The Divine Compassion of Mother/Father God is making it possible for centuries of misconceptions to be transmuted and lifted out of the hearts, minds and bodies of humanity. This great act of Divine Grace is creating such a massive shift in consciousness that for the first time in thousands of years, it is possible to embody one’s Presence or Christ Self. Only the Presence has enough Divine Love, Power and Wisdom to create the changes that need to take place within the overall consciousness of your world, and it is through you as conscious Lightworkers, that this can now become a working reality and not just a hypothesis founded in the dreams of a few hopeful aspirants.

~ The Ascended Masters within Shamballa
Centuries of living in separation from your God Presence or Christ Self have kept the illusion of disempowerment alive in most every heart across your world. When we speak of power, we are not referring to power over others, yet rather the authentic power of Source that is stored deep within every being. This internal power is there to support each of you in being true co-creators with Source so you can be the change you would like to see taking place around your world.

True and meaningful changes are always in alignment with the Divine Crystalline Blueprint for both humanity and the Earth. When all you think, feel and manifest is directed at expanding unconditional love, true peace, and an ongoing sense of harmony on the personal and collective levels of consciousness, then your creations are in alignment with the Divine Blueprint for your world.

As you continue to merge with your God Presence on every level of your being, you are opening the doors for co-creating on levels that have not been possible since the last Golden Age of Atlantis. You are each being encouraged during these extraordinary times to create your life as though you are already living in oneness and total freedom on the 5th dimension. Since every dimension is essentially a state of consciousness, this is an invitation to shift your attention from the 3rd to the 5th dimension. This is also how you can become an active part of the changes you would like to see manifested around your world.

Many of you specifically chose to be here at this time so you can assist in shifting the overall consciousness of your world into the 5th dimension. What would this look like and feel like? How do you think this shift would change the world for the better? How can you be a part of those changes? You are being invited to pave the way for this magnificent journey by assisting in opening the portals of consciousness that are connected into the 5th dimension.

You are one with the Elohim, who are the builders of all creation, and you are the way and the means by which a new Golden Age is going to be brought into physical manifestation. As conscious Lightworkers and co-creators, you are the keys to living in the joy and freedom that is natural to those who are living on the 5th dimension. Allow yourself to wake up the great passion within you to be an even more active part of this Great Shift in the Ages while knowing that all you think and feel and put into motion is now meant to demonstrate your part in this shift.

As incarnate Masters living in oneness with your Presence, this is truly your time to make a meaningful difference in a world that was designed and destined to be a paradise planet in your galaxy and an example of a world whose actions are all founded in Divine Love. You chose to be here because deep in your heart, you knew you had something valuable to add to this world and to the hearts of humanity. We are all blessed by your Presence in the world during this great shift in dimensions. May your heart be at peace and complete with the limitations of the 3rd dimension so you can soar into this New Year as a living Master ready to be the change by demonstrating 5th dimensional living.

Thru Kamala Everett and Sharon Rose
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