04 January 2015

Heeeere’s Barbara’s GaiaPortal 1-2-15 Interpretation… “Star enchantments have been unveiled” via Kauilapele ~ 3 January 2015

Starry Night Over The Rhone - Vincent van Gogh

I just received this via my Inbox. I've seen a few of Barbara's interpretations of Gaia Portal's messages before but never posted them, until now. This one is decoded from Gaia Portal's update of 2 January 2015. However, I'd like to think that the first line means "Cosmic energies and activations for Humanity have been initiated"  :)

Now, if only someone could decode Cobra's....

Source: Kauilapele's Blog

Thanks to Barbara for her inputs into this one. It “senses” to me that she is right on the dot.
Barbara’s is in bold blue.
Star enchantments have been unveiled

Star enchantments have been unveiled.
Earth beings awaken to the higher energetics and beauty of the universe.

Flustering winds are calming.
Agitated, energetic events are becoming tranquil.

Presence of night-watchers are no longer hidden from the Higher Levels.
Observers of the dark are now exposed to higher gaia energies of light.

Transmittance of essential energies is fluid, and such are received in clarity.
Communication of higher energies flows easily and humanity receives these in total transparency and understanding.

Gaia manipulations are finished.
Controlling influences on the planet have ended.

Awaiting final instructions.
Humanity expecting last guidance and information.

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