27 January 2015

IBOC Communique 24 Parts 1 & 2 ~ An T'na via Gesanna ~ 12 January 2015

There's quite a lot of information here, presented in two parts, the first of which is mainly about the Revaluation. This topic is one that I have chosen to generally not cover on my blog and there are only a few such posts over the past couple of years, for reasons I have already mentioned previously. However, this detailed message from An T'na is something that I do have full intention to post, because it is an in-depth explanation that looks at this process from a wider and more expansive perspective. While I have no guarantee if this information is reflective of the actual situation, I do believe that there's much truth in it, helping to explain many (failed) developments as well as revealing to us the unseen scenes that continue in the background.

Like every other aspect of our true history, this issue is complex and convulated.

The second part, for the most part, covers what we already know from other sources, but it's still very relevant because it's presented from another angle, and therefore may provide another point of understanding. And here comes one of my favourite mantras...Raise our vibrations!

Source: Contact2Ascension

Communiqué 24 – Part 1Stardate 2015-01-08

The Purported Coming Global Financial Reset -
What It is and Isn't  &  How To Know The Difference

Gesanna: Hi An T'na. Thank you for responding to my request for communication. A matter has come to my attention that, to me, feels a bit off and therefore is a little worrisome. This concerns events occurring on the human level with regard to what is being called the global financial reset. I know the Council is aware of what it transpiring with it so it would be helpful to all of us to have some greater or broader insight about it. If the Council would, please, offer us some knowledge and useful guidance this will be much appreciated.

An T'na: Hello Gesanna. And greetings to every one of you. It has been a while since our last Communiqué. We did not expect to impart another one so soon but we understand your need to know more clearly what is transpiring on your planet at this time.

Bear in mind that we once said that we do not focus on your global, national, or personal affairs. We understand that this particular matter of which you speak is of a financial nature, and is one that can significantly impact your lives from the top, globally, on down to you, personally.

We chose to respond to your request since there is much more to it overall than what you are seeing on the surface layer, or are being told about.

We shall proceed to enlighten you, and offer personal direction accordingly. This discussion will be lengthy so we shall offer it in sections.

What you term the global financial reset is but one of many Terran-generated events developing on your planet at this time. It is part of an overall agenda, but as to who is the so-called author of it, and is therefore controlling its implementation, is a complex and lengthy story, if you will.

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  1. These messages raise my radar alert. There is much of truth in them, but it feels like there is a bit of distortion along with it... and I don't feel the loving energy coming through that I feel from some other Galactic sources. Just saying...

    Love Light & Angel Hugs...

    1. Thank you for your thoughts :) Namaste