03 January 2015

IBOC Communiques 21-23 and Mr Ja'Li Messages 3-9 via Gesanna

I have a lot of messages to catch up on! The last time I posted anything from Gesanna was in November 2014, then I remember her website being down for quite some time thereafter. I wasn't aware that there have been so many messages since then coming through from Gesanna, both from An T'na and Mr Ja'li, so here they are, all of them! I have to get through them myself, and I would like to thank Stargazer for letting me know that they are already out 💖
I would probably add some details to this post after I complete my reading :)

IBOC / An T'na

Mr Ja'li

Message 9 

**Updated with summary:
I will just summarise Mr Ja'li's messages. The gist of what he imparts is this:
* Wake up * Raise your vibrations * Prepare * Go Home *

And that's exactly what we are doing :)  He also relates the story of Creation, the Fall of Man, the corruption or "virus", and the ultimate endeavour to bring Humanity Home, using the perspective of an experiment that went awry. In some ways it's like an amalgamation of Tobias' "Journey of the Angels", Noel Huntley's "Fall of Man", "El Ser Uno", Rudolf Steiner's "Cosmic Memory" and other sources all rolled into one.

There is a huge sense of urgency throughout his messages, and at times he sounds really vexed, doing his best to bring his message across. I think of the essence of his messages as a modern version of Thoth beseeching us to ascend in The Emerald Tablets.

We no longer need to continue acquiring more knowledge, no more asking "Why?" like children. Time now to go Home, ascend ascend ASCEND!!


  1. I have been trying to pull up contact2ascension.com website but the following appears: English: This website is not available. Does anyone know as to why Gesanna's website is no longer available? Would greatly appreciate any information anyone may have. Thank you!!

    1. Yes, unfortunately it seems to be the case. I've got quite a few people asking the same question and unfortunately I don't know what happened. Perhaps she no longer wishes to continue. Blessings