29 January 2015

In Gratitude to Albert and the Celestial Sons ~ No More Sleeping ~ 27 January 2015

Mad Summer English Garden ~ Gill Bustamante
Source: No More Sleeping

To my sisters and brothers around the world: always in my heart will there be deep gratitude for Albert and the Celestial Sons who have brought to the beleaguered community of awakened humans messages of divine love.

When this Earth mission is wearing me down, when there seems little hope for humanity, reading the messages from the Celestial Sons that Albert has delivered to us revives my spirit. Below is a collection of meaningful excerpts from Albert’s posts:

Before the month of Dec. 2012 the dwellers of inner Earth called Agarthans move out temporarily with their spaceships that are now docked to one of the Motherships above the Earth in different dimension until the Earth transformation will be complete.

Those Motherships that are above the Earth are manned by Immortal beings, “The Celestial Sons,” including beings from another planets and from another Galaxy are all here to volunteer and help humanity and Planet Earth transformation into 4-5 dimension.

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