03 January 2015

It Is Time to Ask Why: Asket of Temmer via Maryann Rada ~ 2 January 2015

Asket speaks about the illusion of separation and how we can dissolve this and attain freedom, which is a true state of existence, in this 12-minute video. As biological symbiotic extensions of Mother Earth, who is a sentient Being, we are part of her Soul Path, which also then links us with the collective consciousness of Humanity.

Asket's message is a reminder to us all to unite as a formidable force that can literally move mountains! We have the creative power to end this situation very quickly; we just need to act as a collective consciousness that claims its freedom. This is the description on Maryann's site:

Now is the time to come together. To share our strength and collectively cast off the shroud of fear that has been imposed upon the planet for eons. It is time to find the answers within about the truth of why we are here, and Asket, with typical warmth and insight, opens up understanding in this message.

Please watch the video here.

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