19 January 2015

KP Radio Hawaii ~ Conversations With James Gilliland ~ Kauilapele ~ 5 January 2015

You may have already heard this conversation, which took place some days ago. I've only just retrieved it from my seemingly-never-ending queue of things to go through. It's 45-minutes long (short), with KP and James Gilliland covering some very interesting topics, chief of which is the one about the Anunnaki. I can only speak for myself, of course, and I will say that this topic has given me many moments of confusion in the past as there are sources that say they are negative while some say they are positive. However, I've also come across several sources that tell of this race as a benevolent creator race, and their initial time on Earth was positive. When they decided to leave, the ones who chose not to return with the rest ended up as the Archons. So I'm still not making up my mind which version is "true"...I'm just listening without judgement.

I'm just putting out a few highlights, there's much more in the interview that I haven't included here:
  • Anunnaki now returning to Earth to put right the wrong created by the fallen ones
  • James expounded on the Enki-Enlil arc, where the former was our positive guardian and the other, negative
  • Marduk made pact with negative Draconian energies, impact of which exists today
  • Illuminati now imploding, some members have turned to the Light (as reported by John Ross and Katelon Jeffereys, also Julien Wells)
  • Galactic Light races stepping in to assist our Ascension process
  • Red Dragon helping to turn things around, many positive developments occurring right now
  • Major portal opened in Maui as well as other places
  • Release the past so you can create a better future
  • Keep the faith, stand tall in your Divinity.
Please listen to this conversation here.

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