31 January 2015

Matt and The Elohim Come Back for a Second QHHT Session ~ Suzanne Spooner ~ 30 January 2015

Source: Tauk Suzanne

Hi Everyone! Last year I blogged on a QHHT session I had with my client/friend Matt. He went to the Council of the Elohim (those who speak for God) and we had a fascinating conversation. You can read that post here:

I invited him back for a second session that we had very recently. Again, he went back to the “Big Head” or the one who spoke for the Elohim.

It was so lovely to hear the tone in his voice shift when that part of him started to come through.
Again, Matt has given his kind permission to blog about his session and use his real first name!

Thanks Matt! Much was discussed and I’ll add more soon but wanted to share this you. It started with a question he had about climate change and evolved into many other thoughts.

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