03 January 2015

Planetary Update January 2015 ~ Jim Self

Jim Self tells us that 2015 will be a year of Divergence ~ two distinct paths occurring:
  • One path where rigidity is "softening", and things don't quite work the way it was in the past, continuing to de-stabilise, cracking
  • Another parallel path unfolding, one that is found within the Heart and it's open to all who choose it, a "new" path for those who are choosing something different from "what-is", it creates a state of well-being, stable, a path of co-creation.
This is a spiritual Shift where we have to choose which path we want; if we choose the second option, then we need to actually walk that path. Jim Self expands on how he believes this year will play out, with the emphasis on the first 3 months when the March Equinox will start showing the cracks. There is quite a lot of information about the dynamics of oil prices and production.

Here for the 24-minute video on Youtube, or you can watch it here on Jim's own site.

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