14 January 2015

Poised For Surrender ~ John Ross ~ 13 January 2015

Source: Freedom4Humanity

When the target is to bring in a new timeline that is shared by many other people, it is only natural that it is difficult to do. Shared timelines have a great deal of inertia and many people are attached to ‘the way things are’. Change is not attractive to the human species, even wonderful change that benefits the great majority of people. Add the fact that those currently in charge have access to and continue to use a variety of controlling technologies and the target gets even more difficult to hit.
Those are the difficulties, now for forces working in our favour.
The biggest is Source itself. For several years now, energies to uplift the collective consciousness have been beamed into our solar system and directed indiscriminately toward all of humanity. Slowly, almost imperceptibly, humanity’s collective consciousness has been raised. This raising of the collective consciousness makes change inevitable…perhaps the dark can delay for a few more days, weeks, months or even years; however, a shift into a Light based timeline is inevitable. It is no longer a matter of if, it is a matter of when.

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