19 January 2015

Rainbow Body ~ The Event? ~ Wisdom Teachings, David Wilcock


I've been following the Wisdom Teachings series by David Wilcock, presented on Gaiam TV, for some weeks now. There are a couple of things that he covered which I would like to elaborate upon a little, coming from his perspective and in relation to the Ascension process itself. What's interesting to me is that David usually supports his views and teachings with tangible evidence or scientific studies (albeit on the fringe...which as we know has more truth than mainstream science), and what makes that so fascinating in turn is the eventual reference to the Ascension process. Since I've had spiritual/esoteric personal experiences since I was a child, that "world" is more real to me than the "this" material world, but I'm fully aware that many reject notions that do not appear to have tangible evidence. So what David does is like backing up the unknown esoteric with known evidence, and for those who don't buy into the woo-woo nature of the Ascension process, this perspective may be more palatable.

Rainbow Body
Over the past couple of years (post-2012) and increasingly so since late last year, the rainbow has become very prominent in the spiritual world. Personally, I even adopted a moniker with the word "rainbow" in it for some online accounts such as Skype. I had tried coming up with different names, but each time, I ended up with the word "rainbow" as part of the name, without even understanding why. In recent visions, I keep seeing rainbow hues (I've written about this in previous posts); it also seems to me that there is an increase in references to "rainbow" in the spiritual community writings. Then we have the Rainbow kids! And let's not forget those gorgeous rainbow cloud formations that Cobra recently featured on his site.

I had just assumed that the term "Rainbow Body" was coined to symbolise the integration of all the different colours (or vibrational spectrums), therefore representing wholeness. So when I watched the Rainbow Body episodes of the Wisdom Teachings series, it was a huge A-HA for me. What's more, the process of acheiving the Rainbow Body is something that's actually documented and verified through witness accounts. The name Rainbow Body is derived from the appearance of rainbows in the sky when one attains this state...the ascension of our 3D dense physical body into a higher density form. And allow me to reiterate again ~ "ascension" simply means the ascending energetic vibrations from one frequency band to another that is higher in spectrum, which is what we are going through...and here it comes...raising our vibrations :)

(I should add here that at this point, I'm not sure if the Light Body, Diamond Body and the Rainbow Body all refer to the same state, or if they are different gradations of increasing frequencies.)

The Event
No, David did not mention this term :)  But he did reveal something which made me think of The Event. He had received some information from an insider who told him that the secret to the Dark's demise is for Humanity to be in a state of peace and harmony for 24 hours. That would literally drain the life-force of the Dark, since they depend on our negativity for "sustenance".

Given the present state of Humanity's consciousness, this would prove to be an impossible feat. Although our level of consciousness has leap-frogged over the recent years, we are still far from being in Unity Consciousness as a collective and holding the peace for twenty-four solid hours. However, something like The Event would very easily precipitate the conditions to bring about this state of consciousness, where the highly elevated energies would greatly and benevolently affect Humanity. I can't help but think that this is what it means, that this is what The Event is also doing, to help end the negativity once and for all.

We have been encouraged, appealed to, and sometimes chided time and time again by so many sources to be in harmony with each other, to be at peace and to hold Unity Consciousness in our hearts. This revelation by David is like the tangible reason why it's so imperative. If we are indeed serious about bringing about the total and complete demise of the Dark's influence over the Planet, then we should be equally serious about working to achieve that harmony.

We are going through a time of accelerated growth and transition. This is not known as the Great Shift for nothing. I've always held the belief that Ascension is a spiritual process, and that ultimately, the transitions that we move through will not be adequately explained by mainstream science (which is misunderstood and incomplete at best) or tangible proof. We are transitioning from one dimension to another, so requiring "evidence" would be tantamount to asking someone from a tropical country to prove that coconut trees can grow in Alaska. Or something. You may know that I'm not very good at analogies :)

I'd like re-post (yet again!) something that I have held in my heart for some months now about Unity Consciousness. Now that I'm aware of the additional validity of this, it becomes even more imperative for us to promote and live it. So that's what I'll end this post with :)

P.S.  Now I'll have something other than Star Trek's "Transfigurations" to use as a means to describe what's happening ;)

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  1. Grace? I Love you and your work, but I'll say it again (and keep saying it as often as necessary)...NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!!! As long as we BELIEVE we are limited and as long as we keep SAYING we are limited, the longer we WILL BE limited. Words are powerful and WE are powerful. Let's use our power and our words to declare our POWER and not our limitation. {{{HUG}}}


    Now, with regard to the "Rainbow Body", I have a great book that I inherited from my grandmother called "A Gift of Prophecy" by Ruth Montgomery (1965). It's about the psychic Jeane Dixon. In it, there's an account by a friend of Jeane's, Joan, who was sitting with Jeane in church as the two were praying together. The following is a quote from the book: "I had been there several times with Jeane," she (Joan) says wonderingly, "but on this particular morning I happened to glance toward her while she was praying, and she wasn't there. This may sound silly, but the place beside me was absolutely vacant. All I could see was a soft haze of light and the empty pew. In a moment, of course, she was back, quietly praying as before. It was a profound experience. I still don't believe in psychic things, but I believe utterly in Jeane."

    At the time I read this, I had just recently read a post by David Wilcock entitled, "Reality and Romance" (December 21, 2012). Here's the link to the article: http://divinecosmos.com/start-here/davids-blog/1099-2012romancereality . I suddenly realized that Jeane's temporary transformation into the "Rainbow Body" was what Joan described in her account and is what David described in his article.

    I'm with Grace in that I don't know if the "Rainbow Body" is the same as the "Diamond Body", etc., but in time, I know I'll eventually find out and actually experience it myself--as will all of us! :)

    With Love,