19 January 2015

Remote Viewers Discover "Intergalactic Battle In Progress" ~ Linda Moulton Howe Interviewed By Pete Santilli ~ 13 January 2015

This is yet another spotlight being shone on what we've learnt for a long time ~ the reality of Galactic battles. I've previously mentioned in passing a brief but very vivid personal memory of being involved in one such incident, so there's something deep within me that knows this truth. Having said that, I do respect those who do not necessarily subscribe to the notion of such wars.

I can't recall where I first saw this, so thank you to that source and apologies for not remembering :/  It's another video that had been queued up for some days for later viewing.

This video clip is an excerpt of a longer radio interview between Linda Moulton Howe and Peter Santilli where they explored the probable cause of the recent loud booms heard around the world. The gist of this clip is that a small group of remote viewers handed a report to Linda Moulton Howe that documents battles between opposing forces fought in an interdimensional reality; there's a possibility that the fall-out of these battles are intersecting with our 3D realm. They gleaned a sense of paraphysical qualities from what they had remote viewed; the activities were not strictly human.

Please watch this video clip here; it's about six-minutes in length.

If you haven't yet watched it, there's a detailed account of another conflict that took place last year; the information is in the form of a documentary called "Conflict In Space", produced by the Galactis team. Please know that the Light forces succeeded in subduing the reptilian invasion. Here for the source, or you can read my highlights here.

**Note: I'm not sure which point in time the remote viewers accessed the their target scene. I would like to believe that it's a past event and not current, and that we've passed the danger of having such battles break out.

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