13 January 2015

Source, New Earth, Shift in Consciousness, Volunteers and more: The Cosmic Journey of Lai Part 6 via Laron ~ 12 January 2015

The QHHT adventures of Lai continues in this Part 6 update. Lots of information here, so enjoy the read!

Source: Transients

Over the past week and a half I have conducted two more Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT) based sessions with Lai. This articles covers most of the first of the two sessions. You can find a list of the topics covered within this particular session below.

With the next QHHT session that I conducted with Lai a few days after this one, Dolores Cannon came through. I will get that one written up as soon as I can. There was a lot of what I consider to be very important information, in that session as well. This certainly seems to be the norm with each of these ongoing sessions with Lai.

Information on the following subjects were touched upon within this session.
  • A detailed description of the New Earth and how it's being created for those who will go there, as well as a spot that Lai has created already
  • Detailed info around a group of 22 volunteer souls who have used planets to practice emotions so that they can better cope on Earth, but also so that they can harness those vibrations through the connection to those Planets while having an Earth based life now 
  • A Navigational based location within a higher dimension for travel and also for finding out information
  • Suicide and creating ties and karma to Earth. This applies to volunteer souls as well
  • An update to the New Earth status, as well as the shift in consciousness status discussed in the previous sessions. 
  • Peoples health and how the ongoing changes will be impacting people, so they may feel a certain way but there won't be a known reason to why they feel like this because its from the changes going on. Being lethargic is one symptom to be expected
  • An explanation of how the energy in relation to the shift is impacting our brains and how they are releasing different chemicals during this process
  • The webbot serving a very important purpose in regards to stopping earth changes from occurring and the reason why it hasn't been accurate with earthquake based predictions
  • An answer is provided on why we get sick again after being healed for a period of time. This is really important for people to understand
  • Soul contract / soul planning based changes based upon the more positive timeline which is now occurring for the Earth
  • Why attachments can hinder our spiritual progression
  • The Grid Consciousness visits Source / God and explains what it is as well as new information on their dimensional location and purpose
  • Some information on events in and around 2017.

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