14 January 2015

STRANGE EGG L3 Infection Cleared ~ Cobra ~ 13 January 2015

That's the latest update from Cobra, as shown in the title. However, this is not the main thing I wish to post ~ it's actually the progress of the clearing that's been taking place. A reader from Cobra's site has very kindly put together the timeline of all the "eggs clearance" over the past months...it's evident that there are several stages involved and certainly not something that's as straightforward as we would like to think. Having said that, it's very heartening to note that the clearing process is getting more accelerated. Thank you, Len Nevte! This is the timeline posted:

Source: The Portal

This is most likely linked to the clearing of Chimera group and its
STRANGE and TOP quark based technology.
Here's an overview, it's exciting to see the progress, even without knowing exactly what is it...

07-01-14 STRANGE EGG activation in progress

07-07-14 Fall of the Chimera

08-01-14 STRANGE EGG sigma complete, STRANGE EGG tau in progress

08-05-14 Short Planetary Situation Update

09-08-14 Planetary Situation Update

09-12-14 TOP EGG modulation in progress

09-16-14 A New Planetary Situation Update

09-24-14 Untersberg

10-01-14 "STRANGE EGG tau in final completion / TOP EGG in progress"

10-07-14 Plasma and the Planetary Situation Update

11-02-14 "STRANGE EGG tau complete , TOP EGG in progress"

A New Planetary Situation Update

11-10-14 TOP EGG L4 infection cleared

11-17-14 TOP EGG L3 infection cleared

A Short Update

11-20-14 TOP EGG L2 infection cleared

11-22-14 TOP EGG L1 infection cleared, Imperator in progress

11-23-14 TOP EGG L0 infection cleared

11-24-14 TOP EGG convergence complete

11-29-14 TOP EGG primary clear

01-01-15 STRANGE EGG L4 infection cleared

01-13-15 STRANGE EGG L3 infection cleared

Love and Light to all,
the Breakthrough is near!

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