30 January 2015

Taiwan Conference Report / Solar System Situation Update ~ Cobra ~ 29 January 2015

There are so many positive developments reported here by Cobra! It also confirms some (loud) whispers that humans are being (have been?) held hostage by the Dark on some asteroids. Thankfully and gratefully, operation clean-up of the entire solar system has been initiated. Unfortunately, there are also human hostages still being held in underground strongholds; their liberation attempts are on-going.

Please read Cobra's update here. There's also a stunningly clear image (if authentic) of a space ship/centre on what I assume to be an asteroid.


  1. The image is NOT authentic - it is a computer made simulation graphics made to depict possible asteroid mining, see http://goo.gl/A68jHe

    1. What a shame! Thank you for pointing that out, Lee :)